Mission Burrito Cardiff Review

Great Taste, great size, shame about the temperature


Mission Burrito is located on The Friary in Cardiff City centre. For those who don’t know where that is, it’s just next to live lounge, and opposite Revolucion De Cuba. Having been inspired by the burritos they had in San Francisco, they came the UK, and opened a joint in Oxford before opening more in Bristol, Reading, Bath and Reading. They opened in Cardiff in October 2013, and since then seem to have done a pretty good business selling serve tacos, burritos and fajitas both to eat in and take away.

Having been to Mission Burrito several times before I knew what to expect, but for those who don’t here’s a quick explanation.

1) Chose your type: Taco, Burrito (small and regular now available) or Burrito Fajita

2) Chose your filling: Chipotle chicken, slow cooked pork, beef or vegetarian (peppers and onions)

3) Chose your extras: mild salsa, lettuce, sour cream (all free), plus add guacamole (+70p), and Monterey Jack cheese (+40p)

4) Chose your salsa: ranges from Salsa Verde (slightly warming) to Chipotle (oh thats got a bit of a kick) to Habanero (f**k me that’s hot).

5) Grab any extras (mexican sodas, tortilla chips etc.)

I have tried all the different meats and can tell you that the best by far is the pork. The chicken is slightly dry and under-seasoned, and the beef can be a bit tough, but the slow cooked pork is the best! Tender, succulent and full of flavour it’s my choice every time now. They are all made fresh in front of you by friendly staff who know their stuff, and advise you on how to eat them (peel the foil down bit by bit as you eat or it will collapse), because these things are beasts. I have a fairly big appetite buy I struggle to finish a whole one. They are so crammed with fillings that eating them cleanly is nearly impossible, but if you’re eating them with other Amigos, who cares?

But while the flavour is good, i’m always left disappointed by the temperature. The fajita is heated up when you order, and the meat is kept warm, but since the rest of the ingredients are kept chilled, by the time you come to eat it things have cooled down too much to really enjoy. Perhaps they should make the burrito, then blast it in the microwave for half a minute to keep the whole thing nice and warm?

At about £7.50ish each if you go for guac and cheese, these things may seem a bit pricey for what is essentially street food, but the sheer size of them makes them pretty good value for money.  I would also recommend washing your burrito down with a Mexican Soda – they have an impressive range including mango, mandarin, guava and tamarind, as well as root beer and bottles of Pacifico Lager (good stuff).

All in all, great size, good taste, but the temperature lets it down for me.

For more information about Mission Burrito and to find your nearest one, go to http://missionburrito.co.uk/

2 thoughts on “Mission Burrito Cardiff Review

  1. Wish I knew what a proper south Californian burrito tastes like! Maybe someday I’ll go there and find out.

    Thanks for reading my review, hope it it interested you 🙂


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